being right or having a problem solved


Today I had a first appointment with an orthodontist. He was an hour late. No heads up beforehand or during the waiting period. During what should have been my appointment, he took in 2 other people that were not scheduled (fact because they were in the reception when I registered and I heard their conversations with the receptionist). When he arrived he said sorry for the delay and then started speaking and asking quickly and without much explaining as if wanting to catch up on the delay for the next appointments (my thoughts but still his speaking pace was not a normal one).

Now I had a lot of thoughts about all of this, but mainly what comes up again and again is that I am not worthy of respect: to at least let me know I’ll have to wait, to take the time when he finally arrived to explain and understand my wants for the interventions. I am angry at him but mostly at myself because at one point I wanted to leave and then said to myself that I already lost a lot of time, that there are only a very few in this town that do this kind of interventions so I should suck it up etc.

At this point I just want to go somewhere else because this first appointment left me with a negative feeling and I’m afraid I’m going to attract some more negative in the following sessions since I don’t know how to change my thoughts.

I am trying to think differently about what happened, yet I cannot let go of the thought: it was so disrespectful and I should not allow to be treated like this. Wouldn’t chosing to continue there mean I am agreeing with this kind of behavior? Since when or when is it ok to wait for an hour without any regards for one’s time?