Being Successful with Support?

I have been dragging my feet and procrastinating on building a coaching business for a few years now and I recently recognized that I’m fearful of disappointing my long-time boyfriend because he’s so supportive and loves me unconditionally. All of my past successes have come from my ‘be strong’ driver. Whenever anyone doubts me, I go into ‘I’ll show you’ mode and put my head down and dig until I’ve achieved the thing…
I don’t get that resistance from him so I don’t have the drive to prove him wrong….

How fucked up is my brain…LOL.

I’m struggling to model this out since I’ve never worked from a place of support before. What is my C line?

C – I have a supportive partner
T – I don’t have to prove myself
F – kinda bored
A – Do Nothing
R – No business

Or is my C Line something different?

Am I struggling with this because my focus is on me and not the people I could serve?

How do I find motivation in a supportive environment when all I’ve known for 50 years is the need to prove myself?