Being tired

I want to change my thoughts about being tired.
When I am tired late in the afternoon/early evening, I always feel bad about it. My thought is that I shouldn’t be tired. I think I get this because when I was a kid my dad always criticized my mom for being tired. He always made it sound like there was something wrong with her. So I learned to think of it as a bad thing and now it is very innate. I also am a physician and much of my training involved ignoring being tired and just pushing through. I still have to do this when I work night shifts. When I do feel tired I usually find myself resisting it, trying to distract myself, buffering, possibly eat for energy, doing other things to take my mind off it. I wind up not really enjoying the day and I know I am in a lot of resistance about it. I now am motivated to be kinder to myself, and I would like to accept it when I’m tired so I can at least have peace about the situation. But I need some help getting some new thoughts to replace my old one.

Here is my current model:

C: I feel tired in late afternoon
T: It’s bad to be tired
F: Anxious
A: Resist, try to distract myself, stay busy, buffer, judge self for being tired, don’t rest
R: Create a lot of negativity, don’t honor myself, don’t accept reality, overall I am bad to myself

I appreciate any help. Thanks!