Being Unhappy (from The Buffering Booklet)

Page 10 says “as soon as you recognize that you can be unhappy and you’ll be fine, that you are willing to be unhappy, then you will find the thoughts causing it and get some authority over them.” This is so challenging for me – getting to a place of being ok being unhappy…To me the whole point of the work is to be happy and at peace – why would I want to be willing to be unhappy? You only have one life…why not try to be as happy as possible and how do you get to a place of accepting unhappiness? I love many of the concepts you teach but a lot of times they seem oversimplified to the point of almost being glib – like “just accept it and it will be easier” or “just change what you believe” “or change how you think and you’ll feel differently” (I’m obviously exaggerating but you get the point) this is what I struggle with. If it were easy no one would need the coaching. So for me the missing piece is the journey between acknowledgement and acceptance.