Being versus Feeling TIRED

I am a mother of 2 under 2 and full time veterinarian. I know tired is kind of a way of life right now, but I have a question about BEING vs. FEELING tired. Is this a circumstance? Or, is this a thought or feeling? I feel like when I feel tired (which is inevitable) I tend to feel hungry more often throughout the day or want more at each meal. Food perks me up and keeps me going when sleep isn’t an option. Please help! I don’t know how to deal with this. My question to myself before I eat is always “Am I actually hungry or is this emotional hunger?” Am I just feeling sorry for myself? I know I need to focus on getting more rest when I can, and I do, but when it is absolutely not an option, what do I do? I have listened to almost all the podcasts, and I just joined SCS. If our thoughts create all the feelings we have, can you talk yourself out of tired? I don’t understand how that feeling is negotiable via thoughts. Thanks for reading my long-winded confusing question. Any help would be appreciated.