Being vulnerable – sign of weakness ?

Hello coaches,

We moved to new city few months back and I am trying to make some friends here. I’m not an introvert and I like to talk to people. When I meet new people I generally talk to them and offer to help them going beyond my comfort zone ( meaning not setting personal boundaries ).There have been times when I have got hurt since they have never been too friendly or the way I am towards them .I definitely feel bad .My husband says to take friendship slow so that I don’t get hurt with all expectations. But I feel happy the way I am and the worst thing that can happen is I might feel sad. But I sometimes feel – are people taking me for granted? If I set boundaries probably they would respect my friendship and not take me for granted and affect my feelings.I am confused here – why do I have to.put myself out there knowing I might get hurt or manage my thoughts saying it’s just emotion ! Do I have to feel this kinda discomfort on purpose or rather I would take it slow ?