Being vulnerable

Hi Brooke!
You coached me last month on a VIP call regarding not putting myself out there and making myself vulnerable. We decided it is most likely due to “feeling stupid”. I have since done some massive thought work and coaching myself in this area and it really boils down to this:
I’ve managed to keep myself super safe, playing small so that no one thinks I’m stupid. So I ask myself, “How’s that working for you!?”
It’s so ridiculous! First of all, who are these “people”? And I’m really going to make sure they don’t think I am stupid at the cost of living a bigger life?? That is a HUGE price to pay! It’s so silly. I am now taking massive action and getting real clear about this part of it. It’s a game changer for sure. Thank you so much Brooke and I will be at the Modelthon on Monday so maybe call on me (if that’s something you do) and
put me to the test ; ) Sarah B