Belief ceiling

I am a full time CNA working 3 12 hour nights a week and will be beginning my last semester at junior college level before I transfer to University this fall. I have moved out of my parents house in December after getting my full time position at work. I am now in month 4 of working nights after being day shift for 3 years. I have a 6 month relationship with a wonderful and supportive man who had a heart transplant right before we met. I will be taking 20 units and I’ve never taken this many before but I am determined to finish school so that I can transfer in the time frame I have set for myself. I am having thoughts of self doubt which is leaving me feeling anxious that I won’t be able to complete this task because I’ve never done it before, there are lots of new things in my life, I’m tired all the time and all the other excuses I keep telling myself. I’m looking for a bridge thought to get me from I can’t do this to yes I can!