Belief Fruit

Hi Brooke, I thought I was feeling so positive about my March belief, then in comes an international offer to exhibit my work. It took me a while to open the email as I thought it could be an offer. So I was already sensing fear. OMG I got an instant headache. When I go into fear like this I seem to go outside my body with the panic. I didn’t buffer or resist the fear but it took some time to settle down. So good that I allowed that small step.
My question is: I am curious that excitement was not my go to emotion. Does fear block excitement or are the two emotions connected in some weird way. Or just an indication for more thought work around fear. I don’t seem practiced at excitement. Maybe disappointment will follow!
C Exhibition
T I am not allowed to be excited
F fear and panic
R choose fear as habit

C Exhibition
T Excitement is a tonic for my positive thoughts about myself
F feel excited on purpose
R Accept offer and plan
The belief work produces fruit and quickly!