Belief: I know how to find what makes money and go after it

I currently make very good money in my corporate job. I want to start a coaching business but I’m terrified of not making money, so the result is that I do not have a wildly profitable coaching business (ie: makes over $300K/year).

C corporate job
T I know how to find what makes money and go after it
F Confident
A Observe others income, take risks, network with others, find out what needs to be done to get that role, hone my skills, be very persistent and dedicated no matter what.
R Income of $300K+ per year

C current finances
T I am very good with money
F Confident
A Never overspend, don’t have to budget, monitor my finances responsibly, don’t lavishly spend, save as much as possible, invest wisely
R Net worth nearly $600K

I can see that these models serve me currently in the ways the model shows. Now, I don’t exactly feel HAPPY in my corporate job, but I know that is because of my thoughts about it. I am okay with this, for the most part. I have decided with my brain that I am currently doing this for the money until I find the courage to go all-in with coaching (which I know comes from a thought), and also to get some more strategic investments under my belt while my income is so high.

However. I do NOT have these same beliefs about money when it comes to coaching. I think my beliefs are that the only way to make money coaching is to coach other coaches – and I hate this idea. Coaching other coaches to be coaches just bothers me, it feels MLM-y to me. Could I do it? Yeah, absolutely I could. But I don’t want to. I feel like the niches I’m interested in won’t really make money, and I do not want to pick a niche that I don’t like just because it makes money. This is basically what I’m doing with my current job, and I don’t want to repeat that.  Where can I go from here?