Belief in new thoughts

I struggle with believing that thoughts create my results.

When I put my thoughts into models I see how this is true. I understand it intellectually, but when I start going about my day, running on default, I ignore that part and just focus on the A line. So, as you could imagine, my results aren’t changing. So, I have plenty of evidence that my thoughts do create my results. I just don’t understand why I’m not fully believing it and taking action on my beliefs vs only thinking about action I can take.

It’s been hard for me to uncover my subconscious thoughts. Last week in my 20 min SCS coaching call I found out that I have a lot of thoughts about social media that prevent me from showing up as much as I could be in my business. Now I know what’s holding me back, but in the two days since my coaching session, I haven’t modeled out the thoughts or even tried looking more into it. I have taken action though, I’ve shown up more on social media to make more genuine connections with people. But, since it’s our thoughts that create our results, I’m not “really” changing anything.

What steps can I take to start fueling my belief that my thoughts create my results so I can start creating the results I truly want?