Belief: Life Coaches Can be Seen as Cheesy and Annoying

So I am just about to sign up for April Certification but the two thoughts that keep popping up and holding me back from 100% going for it and committing are: money (the amount it costs for Certification) and my belief that life coaches can come off overly enthusiastic and kind of annoying .

I feel like my need for other people to see my career choice as worthy and important keep getting in the way. Also, when I scroll through other coaches social media material, I often walk away and feel like ” Wayyyy too cheesy.” I myself am judging the industry or at least the people in it, That’s why I resonate with Brooke and her work so much and not other LC schools. It takes Life Coaching to a grounded and honest place.

Anyway, I am wondering if I’m using the money issue and my belief/judgments as buffers? Perhaps I have some fear around going for certification and watching myself fail and succeed?

Here is a model that I need help with. It doesn’t feel solid enough.

C: Scrolling through other LC social media

T: Coaches can come off so cheesy and I am not sure if I want to join a profession filled with fluffy over-the-top people?

F: Ambivalence /Unclear

A: Questioning everything and being my own wet blanket because I am so excited about everything I am learning with Brooke

R: Not signing up. Holding myself back from jumping in and creating a new career for myself. Not being committed.