Belief Obstacle

I have a limiting belief that is holding me back in many areas of my life. I would appreciate any feedback. The thought is, “I can’t”:
I can’t stop smoking
I can’t lose weight
I can’t manage money
I can’t stop overspending
I could go on. The smoking situation is imperative to challenge as it is affecting my health and I just got a diagnosis that is related to it.

My model looks like this:
C: I smoked a cigarette this morning
T: I can’t quit smoking
F: Powerless
A: Continue to smoke, throw out packs with quitting intentions then just buy more, Thought obsession with how weak a human I am. Don’t exercise as planned because I believe I can’t exercise while I am still smoking, Overeat, Overspend, Over everything
R: Continued Smoking, Weight gain, low bank account

I have awareness that this feeling of powerlessness is an old feeling related to my “story” of childhood trauma. I have awareness that it permeates every area of my life that I am dissatisfied with. The feeling is recurrent and I believe I can’t tolerate that feeling and have to annihilate it. I have been stuck in this loop since I learned in SCS that feeling emotion is the key. I have the logic of the process but am having so much difficulty feeling this feeling without buffering. When I think of letting smoking go, I also have this model:
C: I have a thought of quitting smoking
T: I’ll feel irritable and won’t tolerate the withdrawal
F: fear
A: smoke, smoke, smoke
R: Prove that I won’t tolerate the withdrawal because I won’t even try

Now, I have awareness.  I have the tools.  I have everything I need to succeed except for new thoughts to believe that will empower me to treat my body with love and respect. I do have a plan to ask my coach on Thursday to help me learn to process feelings. Because this has been a frustrating obstacle for me that is entirely created by me, I would like to spend my next coaching sessions just processing feelings in a safe environment. Any other suggestions for me? Thank you for your time.