Beliefs about my romantic relationship

I am currently traveling for a month in Central America with one of my friends. I love to travel and we’ve traveled a lot together, only this time I am not single. I am in a romantic relationship and my partner stayed home. We’ve been together for a year.

I realized that I have this belief that if I’m having too much fun and feel the freedom I usually do when I travel, I will emotionally detach from her and feel doubts about the relationship. Whereas if I think of her a lot, miss her, become a bit sad or down, count the days until I see her, I feel very connected to her and in love.

This happened last week when I started really enjoying myself and immediately felt some distance with her.

C traveling while in a relationship
T If I feel fully happy on my own, I will not want to be in a relationship.
E fear
A think about my partner a lot, am not fully present, don’t engage contact with the people we meet, count the days
R I don’t enjoy my travels as much as I would want to

And I would like to enjoy my travel and feel happy and excited AND stay committed in my relationship and still feel love for my partner. I’m not sure how to find a gap thought to do that.

C traveling while in a relationship
T ?
E joy
A be in the present moment and stop wishing I was home, engage conversation with people. And still text and talk on the phone with my partner. I don’t let myself spin off on how I would be better off single
R enjoying my travels and being fully present while feeling love and commitment and connexion with my partner

Any help?