Beliefs About Soulmates

Okay, stay with me for a minute. I know most of the time we do model work on thoughts that are seeming “bad” (as in self-deprecating) but this week, I am discovering that I am needing to do work on something of a hidden belief that I think I have always thought was romantic and good.

As long as I have not met anyone who I am attracted to… I am fine. I don’t crave that kind of attention or interaction… the minute I do? It’s like fun factory of fantasies that starts out as fun, but then gets almost too repetitive and obsessive. So this week, I have decided to try and do some work to figure out why that is?

And I finally got to a belief that I know I have held since being a kid, that I didn’t even realize was hiding there: Everyone has a soul mate, and when you find them, life gets much more fun.

(Think the opening sequence of Amelie 🙂

SO… when I meet someone who I am super into (which does not happen very often) There is this secret model goin’ on in the fun factory:

C: Attraction
T: “Maybe this is THE ONE I have been waiting for”
F: Impatience, anxious (excited)
A: obsessively fantasize about how it’s going to happen
R: Reality out of sync

I feel like there is just so much work to do here.

C: Attraction
T: This is cool
F: Content, Enjoyment
A: Flirt
R: Experience the present moment as it really is.

That’s doable, isn’t it. It doesn’t need the “drama” of romantic soul-mate mythos.