Beliefs about worry

Hello coaches,

I’m working on understanding my beliefs about worry. I came up with these beliefs:

1) I do my best problem-solving when I mull on a problem.

2) The best way to mull on a problem is to keep it top-of-mind.

3) Worry is the tool that I use to keep a problem top-of-mind.

Then I saw this belief:

4) Bad things will happen if I am too slow to solve a problem.

Then I asked myself if I believed that for any given problem, I had all the time necessary to solve it, could I relax and take the time that I need?

No, my brain said and it offered this belief:

5) If I am relaxed, I am complacent.

No wonder I use worry as a tool! I don’t want to be complacent and cause bad things!!

I will take this up in my 20 minute session but until then, do you have any suggestion for what’s next? Should I take belief #5 and examine it? Thanks.