Beliefs uncovered during Jan homework – what next?

Dear Coaches

Through the Jan work I uncovered some ‘beliefs’ I have about myself.

There are 3 principle beliefs:

I don’t do enough for other people / I should do more for the people I love

I am not popular/interesting or funny, I don’t have a personality that people want to spend time with

I have major body image issues and believe people would react more favourably if I was slimmer/fitter.

Once ‘seeing’ these, I’m like WTF! I didn’t choose these to be in my brain but they are there nonetheless.

How do I start using this work to understand why I think them (is that part necessary?) and choosing new beliefs? They feel very sticky and true right now, and I’m sort of surprised to uncover them as feel they are very embedded.

I’d love any direction you can help with.

thank you for this amazing work