Believable bridge thoughts about kids being home for the summer

My kids are about to be finished with school for the year (their school year runs long), but we’ve been transitioning into summer mode the last few weeks with swim team and baseball, activities, etc. in addition to three older school aged kids (11, 9, 7) I have a toddler (21 months). Here’a my issue: I hate summer. It is hot, my kids get tired of the pool after a few weeks, all the neighborhood kids end up in my house playing video games all day, I don’t get any alone time, they eat 700 times a day, my house gets messy, my kids need me 24/7. I have done models and thought downloads to come up with bridge thoughts about how summer could be a great learning opportunity, yada yada… but at the end of the day, I come back to “summer sucks” and “I hate summer.” Then anytime anything feels hard, it becomes evidence that summer really does suck. My feelings are: trapped, frustrated, beatdown, angry, etc etc etc.

I don’t believe any of my bridge thoughts. I need help with my thoughts about kids being home all summer.