Believable Bridge Thoughts

This is a follow up question from the 6/19 Model call (which was great!) All the models you did made sense to me (on paper at least!), and 2 of them apply to my life: the first, going through my day getting aggravated by people who don’t follow the “rules” and/or who are just sort of in my way – I live in a summer tourist town and wayward drivers and pedestrians with ice cream cones can sort of drive me nuts – even if I’m not in a hurry; and the other one that spoke to me was the model of committing to liking someone.

I want to change my thinking on both of these because I know life will be SO much better when I do, but it feels like such a leap sometimes to go from “people drive me crazy” to “we’re all just here doing our thing” and from honing in on the things I don’t care for in a person instead of just purely liking them. I feel like I can do both of these some of the time – if I’m really focusing on it, but find it easy to slip back into my old thoughts. And sometimes I feel like I try to use my new thoughts but don’t fully believe them. Any bridge thoughts for either of these that might help? Thank you so much for helping so many to make the world a happier place 🙂