Believe in the goal, not the actions

Hi Brooke, I was just listening to your April 26 coaching call. You said that we need to commit to the BELIEF that you will achieve the goal NOT the actions because then when you don’t achieve small actions you don’t make it mean anything.
This made me think of my overeating challenges. I was writing down food plans and sometimes I would eat off plan. I made that mean a million things about how I can’t lose weight, I’m not good enough, everyone else can do it but me, etc. So then I stopped writing down a plan, and weighing myself bc what’s the point? I can’t follow it anyway. Obviously, the result is no weight loss. I see that. It kind of dawned on me in your talk, what if I commit to believing I can weigh 140? Instead of committing to following a protocol 100% of the time no exceptions ever? With the latter commitment, every time I chose to eat off plan I would berate myself with such venom.
If my belief changes to ‘I can weigh 140’, I do a daily food plan and stick to it. I might experiment with a bunch of other actions on my way to 140 as well. If I eat more than the plan on any given day that doesn’t mean anything about my ability to achieve 140.
Hmmm…. interesting and this belief feels much better in terms of self-love and compassion.
Let me know if I missed anything.