Something interesting happened today. In the daily homework it says to write down the thought you want to believe. I set my impossible goal for this year to be a life coach with a full program by the end of the year (I start training in April). So in today’s day 1 homework I wrote down for the thought I want to believe “I want to be a life coach.” My feeling was “invigorated” and for the why I put “I’m finally doing this!” and “This is what I’m meant to do”. As I continued on with the homework I realized something: I seriously already believe this. Lately I’ve been feeling like things are just falling into place but now I thinking that they’re not just falling into place but that I actually believe I’m a life coach now so I’m just seeing the evidence of that belief. Holy cow!

I also believe that I’ll have 20 clients by the end of the year to accomplish my impossible goal. I seriously have been working on believing this and it’s so cool to see that the work of working on believing works!

So I changed the thought I want to believe to: “I make 6 figures as a life coach” because heck why not??