Believing a new thought

I want to believe the thought, “I’m transitioning to an amazing new job that pays great money.” It’s one of those thoughts that I have no business believing. But when it popped into my head last night, I LOVED it!

In my current job I make $15/hour and there’s things about it I like and dislike. I work in the public and my boss and coworkers don’t wear masks properly or at all, and don’t take general precautionary measures to prevent the spread of Covid. We recently had a sick employee whose doctor recommended a Covid test. My coworkers and boss panicked. Once the test was negative, everyone went back to not wearing masks.

I think I’ve finally reached a boundary inside of myself where I don’t want to work in a place that doesn’t take the pandemic seriously. I want to be safer for people in my life that I am in touch with who are immune compromised.

When I reached that boundary inside of myself, I had the thought “I am transitioning to an amazing new job that pays lots of money.” It was super fun to think that thought!

Now this morning my belief is a little less. Do you have any recommendations for increasing my belief? And I’m wanting to be sure I’m leaving this job from a good place and not just continuing old patterns of feeling frustrated and like a victim in jobs that I work.