Believing a New Thought

I’m working on believing a new thought that I pulled from my future. It’s a big one that feels impossible but when I get there it will change everything. Brooke said to write the sentence each day and challenge any contradicting thoughts that come up when I imagine the belief. Am I on the right track?

New Belief: I will feel love and feel loved 100 percent of the time in my marriage.

Here’s the thoughts that come up to contradict my new belief and then how I’m answering them:

-But Sam (husband) doesn’t love you all the time
– that’s just a thought and I can choose to believe that everything Sam does is based on his love for me

-but Sam doesn’t deserve my love all the time
-maybe not, but I deserve to feel the amazing feeling that comes when I feel love all the time

-if I feel loved all the time and show love all the time, how will we ever change and grow
-love is the ONLY emotion that makes us become more of who we want to be

-I will need to feel other emotions than love
-I don’t, love is the best emotion and every single problem can be solved with love

-I have too much resentment
-resentment is just the result of a thought, and it makes me feel yucky, I can easily let it go because I’m not attached to it at all

-I have depression and anxiety so I can’t feel love all the time
-those are circumstances and I can always react to them with loving feelings

-I don’t have absolute control over every emotion I have
– I do, I just don’t believe I do yet, and I’m going to prove it to myself

-learning this new belief will be hard
– nope, learning this belief will be so easy, and I will start to believe it right away, and I will feel so much better immediately

Does this sound like I’m on the right track? Anything that could help me accept this belief more fully?