Believing a new thought

I would like to completely believe the thought that “Food is not a solution for discomfort.” But I don’t always believe it. I sometimes think, “I feel crappy I should eat candy.” However, this week in particular when I’ve had that second thought I tried to remind myself of the thought I want to believe. I kept an urge jar and used it to reward myself for following through on the belief I want. I am so excited, because I put a lot of pebbles in the urge jar for allowed urges. I watched a video Corrine did where she said to think of all the things someone who believed the new thought would DO and then do those things. She said that sometimes you have to sit with two beliefs until the new one takes hold. Honestly, I feel so much exhilaration because I think the new belief is starting to take hold. When I think about how my life would be if I didn’t use food as a solution for discomfort I can barely contain myself with the joy. I feel like it’s right around the corner for me. I just feel like I need to trust myself that I will get there and truly believe this new thought and not the other thoughts that I need candy. I’m nervous because I feel I’m so close. Is there anything I can do not to let fear take hold?

C New belief: Food is not a solution to discomfort
T I’m close to embracing this new belief, but it will never really happen for me.
F fear
A give in to food urges, tell myself I’ll always struggle with weight/food
R I don’t fully embrace this new belief and I don’t lose weight

C New belief: Food is not a solution to discomfort
T I’m close to embracing this new belief, it really could happen for me
F exhilarated
A listen to Corrine’s recording again, write lists of what I’d do if I believed, do things on the list, schedule to do things on list, remind myself of this belief all throughout the day
R I embrace the new belief and lose all my weight without the struggle