Believing everything he says

I’m so excited about Ask a Coach. I’ve made thought downloads and daily models a part of my daily practice and I’m so excited to find my power.
My husband is very sarcastic. I have felt like I needed to guard myself against him for so long because I feel like everytime he said something in a sarcastic manner all I could hear is I don’t care. So I’d ask him to stop being so sarcastic, and he would. But I think the real problem is that I’m taking to heart everything he says.

I want to develop confidence in model making. Here is my model:
C: Luke says words
T: I don’t have to take everything he says to heart.
F: Free
A: Start paying attention to him. Stop keeping him at arms length. Start letting him in more. Have realization that I have been giving him my power.
R: Begin respecting him & myself.

This feels right, but I want to make sure my thought and result actually correlate
I’m so excited to develop this skill!
Thank you for your help!