Believing I can change

Hi coaches: I’m attending all the calls offered, signing up for one-on-one tutoring, and yet, part of me thinks “it’s not going to work” and that I won’t ever be able to change or manage my mind. Maybe I don’t believe I will commit to doing the work instead of consuming? Or, maybe it goes back to me truly believing I’m not good enough. Not good enough to succeed in my chosen career or future business ventures, not a good enough mother, partner, human, etc. My brain is starting to tell me that scholars is one more thing I’ll sign up for that will show me that I can’t commit and won’t get results. I see Brooke and Katrina and Bev and others and think, “I’ll never get to where they are.” But, I am committing. I don’t know. Here’s a model, I guess. Maybe I need help with some bridge thoughts? I’m in my second month of scholars.

C: Scholars
T: I won’t be able to change
F: Worthless
A: Do scholars, but worry it’s not “working”
R: Don’t change

Intentional model
C: Scholars
T: I will show up for myself and learn to manage my mind
F: Committed, excited
A: Work on my brain
R: Manage my mind