Believing in my clients – a blind spot?

I have a couple clients right now who are great – smart, talented- they are taking action, lots of it, all of the time – but it’s not yet the kind of action that’s producing ALL of the results that they want – although sometimes they do get results.

I keep wanting to say I’m confused as to why, if they are believing as much as they say they do in themselves, and taking all this action, they aren’t getting better results.

But then I keep it simple and go back to – Thoughts create results.

One client insists to me that she believes completely in herself (as an artist – she’s a painter). I do get this from her. I just don’t believe she’s believing in herself as a painter that makes $100K a year. She told me this morning about a friend of hers that works 1/2 days and makes a $100K selling insulin. She said, “I could sell the shit out of insulin.” And when she says that, I know she’s right. She’s an awesome saleswoman in many regards – but not yet all the time when it comes to her own work.

I told her that what she needs to know is that when she believes it’s just as easy/possible to make $100K from selling her art as it is insulin – that when she believes the kind of thoughts about her art that she’s believing about insulin – that that’s when she’ll be making $100K from her art. When she can believe that her selling her art at these prices is like offering Andy Warhol originals for $5 and $10K a pop – then she’ll move through inventory like wildfire (this is my version of offering the Mercedes for $10 – a no brainer, a steal!).

She’s plotted out massive action, she’s not afraid of taking it, although I can sense in some of the reports she gives me around her sales/promotions that there is a wobble to the energy – a kind of desperation.

I’ve had her do thought downloads, tell me what her thoughts are about the value of her art – and she insists she believes, although clearly she’s not believing it’s easy (i.e., insulin and Warhols are easy to sell – but not her own art).

Do you see an angle here that I am not seeing? Thank you!