Believing in myself

I’m noticing a pattern of holding myself back and not believing in myself. I second guess myself all the time and seem to look to all the things I did wrong in a situation and worry obsessively. This way of thinking is keeping me from moving forward with my dreams and business.

I really want to support myself, have my own back and lift myself up. But right now I’m reluctant to even set goals because I’m so hard on myself. When things don’t go to plan, I seem to spiral into a negative thought loop. I’m getting better at separating myself from the whirling thoughts, but sometimes I still get swept away in them. This especially happens when I try to set any goal for myself – I doubt myself out of doing it. I don’t even try and “fail ahead of time”. And then I don’t even dream big for myself. I’ve begun to recognize that this isn’t an innate quality/flaw in me as a human, but is just my thoughts. I doubt that I have anything to offer to the world, and that what I have to offer isn’t that great/or good/or enough.

I want to love myself, be on fire with my purpose, serving life and the world. I want to dream my biggest dreams and have the confidence to know I am 100% capable of making them happen. And then set out doing it. And LOVE the experience. I want to be bold, and express who I really am in the word. All from a place of rooted love.

I have this vision and great desire to shift my life in this way. My question is how do I move from where I am to where I want to be? Sometimes I feel so consumed and trapped by my thoughts that I feel hopeless. I can look at the models, but it’s all feeling overwhelming, like it’s this big thought system I’m simultaneously oppressing myself with and feeling oppressed by. I feel like I have one foot in consciousness and one foot out! Help!