Believing in myself – fear of success

I am launching my business and have had some small success (not going to pay the bills with it, but the few who have participated seem to like my classes).

I want to get much bigger. A lot bigger.

I think in order to do this I will need to put myself out there, promote myself, and generally act as if I am great and worthy of making boatloads of $ (which I want to do and part of me believes I can).

Another part of me thinks I would have to be arrogant, full of myself, thinking too much of myself and I would basically be a bad person if I were to believe that I am worth charging what I want to charge.

I think I got this message from my dad long ago as a teenager. I must have been talking about accomplishing something and he told me something about, don’t go thinking you did all that on your own, or don’t go getting a big head or thinking too much of yourself… something along these lines.

Most of the time he was super supportive and believed in me, so his words mean a lot to me. He has died, so I can’t talk with him about it now.

I want to think I can be a millionaire like Brooke, Kara, and others on the recent How We Earn classes, but I think “that is them. I can’t do that.” Or “who am I to think I can do that?” Or “what you think you can do that? You are not that good.”

If I change these thoughts to “yes, you can do it” then fear comes up, not only that I can’t but I might and then what kind of person would I be? Would I have the right values? Would I have lost who I am now?