Believing it’s possible

The results that I have in my life are not the results I want. Every area of my life needs a tune-up. I am learning to accept 100% responsibility and realizing that it’s my thoughts that are creating my results. In the past, I would want to blame other people or my circumstances, but that’s not where I am now. I am at 100% awareness and acceptance of responsibility.

My question is: where do I go from here? Is it possible for me to change the results I’m creating in every area of my life all at once? I want to find a better job / lose 15lbs/ practice intentional parenting/ better my relationship with my husband/ save money and invest/ organize my house and several other things. Everything I’ve studied seems to say that one area of focus at a time is the best; however, I feel the urge to change it all at once. This seems possible and I’m working on this thought, BUT it also seems exhausting.

I’m trying to explore my thoughts on why this seems exhausting. For example, one unintentional thought I have is:
T- to make progress on every goal I have I will have to be 100% every day, and it will cause me to burn out
another one is:
T- there is not enough time in the day
How do I challenge these thoughts which are so strong they feel like beliefs, but I don’t want to believe them. I want to believe that it is possible and it does not have to be a struggle.

I have also tried to focus on one result at a time in hopes that I can let go of the excuse that there is not enough time, but when I do this I can’t let go of the thought that I need to change everything at once. Please help me see what is blocking me.