Believing + Journaling

Hi Brooke,

I’ve been journaling every day for the past 2 weeks, trying to believe my new thoughts: that I’ll be a great Life Coach, that I’ll hit my goal of $45,000 in my first year, that I can really help people. I’m still really struggling with it. I think I’m expecting to believe by now? I’m writing every day from my current self and then also from my future self. It still feels like ‘faking it til I make it’. I want to feel confident and sure, but just pretending to be confident and sure is not enough. I am believing some of the things I write, but then it also just feels like an exercise some days, and not actually helping me believe. Or I believe for my journaling, and then I need to battle self-doubt and worry right after that. What should I do? I feel so desperate to believe this so badly. Have I just not given it enough time? Am I doing this wrong?