Believing Like My Future Self

I am working on weight loss, and have been really working to better understand what Brooke teaches regarding believing like your future self ahead of time. I just started reading Joe Dispenza’s book, and today I started to think I’ve been going about this all wrong by focusing my thinking on what my future self would think about my body. As I dig deeper, I actually think I’ve been focused on how my body being different would affect my future thinking, and cultivating thoughts of how awesome my future body is instead of trying to cultivate the thoughts (or lack thereof) about food and eating that will ultimately bring about the change in my body and get me to that future self. In other words, is the goal to try and train the brain to relate to food and eating as your future brain would? Is it possible that I’ve spent several months thinking about how a change in my circumstance (my weight) would impact my thoughts?! Am I on the right track, now, or am I still missing the boat here?