Believing New Things

I’d requested to be coached today, but it wasn’t in the cards today. Totally fine, though – so many aha’s from the ladies who were coached! So good! After the call I decided to take the message I sent to be coached on and use it as my thought download for the day and work through the Believing New Things exercise…
1) New sentence I want to believe is: “I don’t have to feel hurt & angry — I can feel calm and at peace when I see her (old friend) again.”
2) How does that thought feel today? Somewhat possible.
3) Why? What’s coming up? I do fine when I don’t see her, but when she’s around and it looks like she’s talking about me to the people she’s with, I bring up all the old thoughts, feelings, and experiences I’ve had with her. I make the current situation mean that what happened in the past is still happening now.
4) Alternative thoughts & massive action:
T – I will do fine when I see her next time. Maybe she’s saying wonderful things. 🙂
T – I can see her and let the old stories I have of our experience together stay in the past. It is so rare that I have to see her, I can deal with a once in a blue moon scenario. 🙂

My question is this…what massive action can I take here?
I actually feel better just imagining she’s saying amazing things, even if she’s not. I feel better thinking about how much stronger I get each time I see her and do more work to reach the next level of feeling better. Is this part of the massive action? The repeating of the thoughts that create better feelings? Is there more action I can take?

Thanks so much for your help!