Believing new things – March question

Hi Brooke,
Firstly- thank you for your amazing gift and knowledge that you share with us!
It’s my first month in scholars and therefore I am starting with ‘Believing new things’. This is very close to my heart.
The sentence I created for myself was:
“I am a calm, confident, steady and engaging speaker” and after a month of practicing this belief there is still something holding me back in believing this sentence even though it feels really good and empowering. I have been trying to model it as follows:
C- I visibly shake in public speaking situations and my body experiences a fight or flight response (rapid heart rate etc)
T- I will never be able to reach my full potential and success if I can’t get over the shakes and nerves in relation to public speaking
F- I feel inadequate, nervous and lacking of credibility
A- I avoid public speaking situations if at all possible
R- I miss out of opportunities to contribute with value and credibility

To help me believe in my sentence, I have tried a few ladder thoughts such as “nerves are just a feeling. At first you might still shake and that’s ok. My hands and body shake when I present but won’t in future. I get to decide when that future starts. I know I can be shake free and confident in public speaking situations. I am shake free in all situations including public speaking and finally I am a calm, confident, steady and engaging public speaker”
I still feel little progress – is there any other advice or angle you can shed light on this regard?
Many thanks in advance