Believing new things vs allowing emotions and revealing current thinking

I’ve had a terrible headache the past 3 or 4 days. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and noticed how good/relaxed I felt. Within seconds my mind started scouring for the most recent thoughts from the day before and immediately the headache bounced back.

From that I was determined to just take a stand against my thoughts. We are going away for 2 weeks and I’m pretty sure my headache is stress-related to that. Plus, my son goes to camp this week. I’ve had thoughts about us getting sick whilst away, etc etc

My question – at what point do we decide to choose to simply stop thinking “negatively” (I’m doing the Believing new things module this month, focused on money/business) vs allowing the emotion and looking for the thought, etc?

I’ve had so much growth/benefit from allowing and letting go of resistance recently up until these last few days. Maybe I’m just not willing to allow the fear of these thoughts so close to going away and so the headache is simply from resistance in which case I should continue practicing allowing. Or… as per the BNT module, I need to just start thinking positively instead. I actually got back to sleep eventually last night by repeating the mantra “go away, go away, f*ck off now, go away” to my fearful/negative thoughts. Haha, it worked. I decided I’d had enough of them and my thoughts were absolutely my problem not anything else. Love your feedback please.