Believing new thoughts

Hi Brooke,

I’m missing something here. I’ve learned a lot in Scholars but get stumped on believing new thoughts. Here’s what I know how to do and am practicing, and where I am stuck: (Correct me if any of this is wrong, I’m trying to lay it all out for myself)

1. Thought downloads and models – These help me see what thoughts are going on in my brain, and what result each thought will create if I keep thinking it.

2. Feeling my feelings and not resisting – I know to lean in to the discomfort, not judge myself for having negative emotions, and allow them to pass through me, along with the thoughts that came with them.

3. Believing new thoughts – *How do I do this? I am seeing my old problematic thoughts, making peace with them, and letting them through. How do I believe new thoughts truly? What does this action(s) look like?