Believing New Thoughts and Responsibility

My business is very new, and last year I made no profits (I call it my learning year), but this year I will have profit in my business. For this months Believing New Things lesson, I decided to pick the future thought, “I am on track to make $60,000 in Revenue from my business in 2019 with ease and fun”. Part of my plan this year is going full time with my business, in May. I’ve been planning this for over a year now and saving a cushion to live off of while I work on my business in 2019. However I couldn’t help but find myself thinking this morning while I was thinking about my new thought (which feels like a huge stretch at this point)… that if I REALLY knew I would make $60k, I’d leave my job now instead of waiting till May. However… since I’m not sure how ill make the 60k, it doesn’t feel responsible to leave now since I need the extra savings to live off of if I don’t make $60k. So now… I feel like I have a big conflicting belief! How do I believe my new thought and still stay on longer with my job? Am I not really believing if i stay?