Believing the impossible Thanks to your work I have reached my impossible goal after 66 years🤗


I have reached my goal of 125 pounds this makes a total of 💯 pounds lost.
In January something clicked in my brain ! After many years I could never seem to reach 125 . This was because I really didn’t think that was possible until your challenge.
I never could get below 175 and maintain the loss for very long.
I have struggled with believing in myself and maybe didn’t think that I deserved to be “ That girl who weight 125 “ it was for others and not myself.
This passed week I actually bought shorts that were a size 6 🎉🎉🎉🎉
I am scheduled on June 28 to have my skin removed from my 💯 pound loss.
My story began in kindergarten “ when a boy said I don’t want to sit next to that fat girl “ At age 12 , at a party when playing” Spin the bottle” a boy said “I will kiss any one but the fat girl”
So many people thank you and say such wonderful things , my words never seem to really communicate my gratitude for all the people you are helping !
I am retired and 66 years young ! I feel like I should be 20 ! These next 34 years are going to be the BEST EVER!