Believing there’s enough money before I have it.



I recently joined Scholars to overcome my money beliefs and to help me start a business. I am trying to believe that there is enough money.

I understand the concept that there is enough for everyone. I loved how you related it to the ocean in the money training.

But, I still feel blocked when I look at my bills + expenses compared to my income.

There isn’t enough feels like a fact. I need more.

I understand that I can go get more, but I’m struggling with believing that I can have it, especially as a stay-at-home mom.

How do I believe that I can have more before it actually shows up?

It comes to mind how you say we need to be so commited to getting/doing it (clients, making money, going to the store) that if we fail we are willing to pay you $50k. Like it’s as good as done.

But still, I feel like a fraud with my new model. Do I ‘fake it til I make it’? Do I just keep thinking there is enough until I REALLY believe it?

I guess I’m looking for a more neutral thought to get from there isn’t enough to there’s more than enough.

My models are below. I want to believe the second one, but I don’t yet.

C I need more money to pay bills + expenses
T there’s not enough money
F lack
A overspend
R not enough money

C I need more money to pay bills + expenses
T there is enough money
F inspired
A create value
R more wealth

Thank you so much for your help and insight. I am learning so much here.