Believing WORKS

Hi it’s Melanie here

I wanted to share my experience with the March homework.- reciting my future statement, cross checking the negatives in the model and future pacing my thoughts. I have a goal for money and one for speaking up/saying no.

The shifts in my behaviour, motivation, energy and self belief have been huge.

Since doing this work, and by starting by reviewing what’s currently predicted to be ahead of me this year, I have been able to get clarity on the most important tasks ahead, and to focus on those, working tirelessly toward my goal with enthusiasm and energy.

My head is mostly clear where I would previously get bogged down in frivolous daily tasks – what I am now seeing as ‘avoidance tasks.’ Despite the higher output I am actually slowing down on some levels. Subsequently I am taking more care with my steps and achieving higher quality and volume of output (productivity).

It feels amazing. If you’re feeling like you’re behind….keep going. It’s worth it.