Belonging in Dating

My biggest challenge now with belonging is the dating scene at this age. Finding and sorting through so many possible options, not knowing how to pick well, and wanting to belong more badly than picking well.

In dating, I want to be picked and selected to be a priority. Not part of a group. Be given exclusively.

What are new thoughts that I can create and put on repeat to encourage feelings of belonging, while not being part of any one relationship?

I enjoy the workshop today on this and revisited some concepts from Brene brown on the difference between fitting in and belonging. And not changing who you are but changing how you show up.

I had an aha moment when it made sense that sometimes I don’t fit in because that may not be the right tribe for me and to stop forcing it. However, I want to create models where I am constantly feeling the security internally that I belong. Can you recommend a track to follow in scholars that may increase the understanding around belonging besides the one on connection?

How do I reconcíliate that conflict? Belong to feel better or belong to have something better in the future?

C- dating
T- I do it to belong. Find a group to fit in
F- Desire
A- constantly seeking new people to meet. Wanting to attaché to someone to belong.
R- I end up not belonging at all