best friend and fiance ask me not to coach them (AS)

My best friend mentioned on several occasions that she wants me to be a friend, not a coach to her. She said the first impulse she gets when I start being ‘coachy’ around her is to pull away from the conversation. Fiance hasn’t quiet said this way, but somewhere along those lines. So for example, she would share that she is overwhelmed at work. I’d jump in to say ‘overwhelm is a thought’ (she is familiar with Brooke’s podcast very well). I want to be helpful and since I know all the wonderful tools I feel that I must coach:). I have to say, I don’t love it when she gets ‘coachy’ on me either, so I understand where she is coming from. So, my question is how do I stop coaching them and be a friend? Do I undo what I know about the model? Do I express compassion and let them continue talking?

Thank you!