Best Friend Drama

Hi Coaches!

Been working on a model and having a hard time figuring out the exact result here and would love some help 🙂

The back story is that I often feel like my best friend thinks her time is more valuable than mine. She is kind of a big shot in her work and does amazing work and often meets with big politicians etc. and when we are making plans for our kids or any plans that are for the both of us she seems to want me to do the leg work.

In this specific situation we were making carpool plans for our kids surfing camp. She suggested that maybe the surf coach could drive the kids home every day and then went on to ask me if I wanted to look in to that (which she often does). I responded (fueled form being pissed off) that she should look into that since it was her idea and I didn’t care either way.

Here is model below :

C Best friend said “Do you want to look into that?” when discussing the surfing coach driving the children back
T I’m not your $%#^ secretary
F Pissed
A Text back answer to best friend that she should look into it since it’s her idea. Vented to husband, building drama and bringing him on my side against best friend. Judging best friend (she feels so entitled, she thinks she’s more busy). NOT showing up as I would want to in the relationship, not telling best friend how I feel when she does that. Disconnecting from her. Not feeling calm.
R Detracts and disconnects me from showing up as I would like IN my relationship with your best friend. (?) I need help here in the result line.

Thank you!