Best Friend or Frenemy

Hi I’m trying to work on a model to figure out why it bothers me so much that my 13yr old daughter doesn’t want to be friends with her best friend anymore. They are neighbors and them not being friends makes it very awkward for me. She’s not a bad girl but was making my daughter feel guilty any time she hung out with anyone but her by posting comments on social media like, “To the mean girl who used to be my best friend…” and even as far as, “I feel like hurting myself when I see you don’t want to be friends.”

Here are my models:

C: daughter doesn’t want to be friends with her friend
T: my daughter won’t have enough friends
F: worried
A: always thinking about it
R: Frustrated, sad

C: daughter no longer friends with best friend
T: Is my daughter going always be finicky and changing friends
F: worried
A: trying to get involved trying to get her to reconsider friendship
R: my daughter gets mad at me

What would be a better model for me to get through this?