best plan of action?

Hi Brooke!
Here is the deal:
– I am a coach (certified through another program with a different style than the LCS)
– turns out I resonate way more with your stuff
– I am eager to do your training
– I am having a baby in Sept
– I am considering applying for your training in 2018
– I really want to continue to become an even better coach now which is one of the reasons I love SCS, I feel like I am becoming a better coach
– I feel I am lacking some structure
– I am doing your how to be a life coach 14 step program so with this and my background I do feel solid on the business side
– It is almost like I am craving a curriculum to follow until I can actually take your training to officially become a better coach and to know that I doing this correctly

What do you recommend?

Love and thanks!!!
Laura Conley