Hi Brooke!

I have a new book coming out next spring. It is already written and is in production now (cover design, layout, etc.).

My goal is for the book to be a best-seller and win awards (there are a couple of specialized awards in that book category).

I am doing visualisations of the success almost daily, but I am noticing doubts creep up — that it’s not quite “serious” enough to win an award, that the topic doesn’t have broad enough an appeal to make it to a best-sellers list, that my work isn’t good enough for this to be an amazing success.

I do know that it is my most professional book yet (this is my 5th), that I’ve worked very hard on it, that the ideas are fresh and well executed, that I’ve had great feedback from early readers and my editor, that the photographer did an amazing job…

I want to get myself to a place where I feel so sure it’s going to be a best-seller that everything I do aligns with that — in my interactions with the publishing team, in preparing the launch, in promoting the book to my current audience, in doing press outreach, etc.

Do you have recommendations on how to approach this? Is it about examining those doubts? Letting them sit in my brain and know it’s okay to have them? Releasing the idea that I have control over whether or not it’s a best-seller? I feel it is related to the theme of self-confidence since it’s confidence in my work, but I can’t quite figure out how to apply the tools.

Thank you!