best study vault material to use

Hi, I am new to scholars and am enjoying the current topic but I tend to learn better visually and would like to work on one of the previous month’s topics/work books from the vault. I am trying to figure out which would be the most beneficial class to work on my current goals. I am indecisive and have a lot of anxiety. I also suffer from feeling guilty and never feel like I do as good of a job as I would like. I am trying to balance work, taking care of my 3 small children, working on my marriage, a new house, and supporting other family members- all areas feel like they are suffering. Anyways…the main things I want to work on are anxiety and decisiveness….which of the month lessons from archive 1.0 would be best for this? I was initially thinking the ‘organize your life and time’ but now an thinking more about the ‘self-confidence’ module. Thoughts?