When is the best time of day to complete thought downloads?

Hi Brooke!
Super excited to be here in this program. I was just wondering if there is an ideal time to complete the thought downloads…such as morning, afternoon, night, when I am stressed, etc?

Also, I am having a hard time with the model when I am trying to do it on overeating. I especially struggle with the “action”. I have a specific candy that I become obsessed with and when I eat one then I eat 10. I am struggling to figure out why I buy it because I know that I will binge on it. The model that I have written is:
C: The candy is there in front of me
T: Why can’t I just eat one or two
F: Defeated; Hopeless; Ashamed
A: Nothing….buy more the next time
R: Struggling to loose weight (gaining it in fact); Feel sick

Intentional Feelings:
C: The candy is there
T: I can eat one or two and then put it away and not want to return to it
F: Successful, in control, proud of myself
A: ???
R: Lose weight but not feel deprived

Thanks for your help!