Best version of myself

Hi coaches! Fistly thank you so very much for all the answers here. You are the best indeed!

Now, I did a thought download on a training I am taking right now and I noticed my thoughts: I want to be the best in the class and then I asked myself why and my answer was that if I did well enough, and I was excellent I would be invited to work for them, that I would be needed and I am excellent because they want me.

I’m not sure where to go from there. I ran a model on that thought:
C: Training
T: I want to be the best in the class
F: competitive (?)
A: Compare myself to others, judge myself, diminish myself, diminish others
R: I build evidence that I am not the best

My question is, how can I improve myself and not feel competitive (if that is the right feeling)? What could be a good alternative for the result of improving myself? I always thought that being competitive was not a good way to improve myself, but yet I am doing this. Thank you so much!