Bestfriend and Boyfriend

So I was kind of struggling with my relationship with my boyfriend because I had thoughts about him not texting me like we used to before.

I coached myself through it and now I feel bit better. One thing I just realized is my girl bestfriend that I talk to.

We have been long distance friends for 3 years and so many times we don’t talk, we don’t text, we sometimes don’t respond out texts, sometimes we talk a lot.

And that doesn’t really affect me. I don’t go about crying that she should text me. I feel like even if we both don’t do it, we still have an amazing relationship with each other.

So I was thinking if I could do the same with my boyfriend. I want to have an amazing relationship with him and not worry about our frequency of texts or communication.

I think with my boyfriend I have thoughts like:
If we don’t talk often, he might find a new girl or he might like someone else.
If we don’t talk often, he might lose interest towards me or the spark that we have when we are together.
If we don’t talk often, he will move on with his life and don’t think about me.
Or that our relationship will die because we no longer have that touch anymore.

And I also feel like boyfriend-girlfriend relationship should be more special than it is with friendships.

Maybe another reason is: I want to talk to him and most of the time I want to talk to him and he doesn’t?

In my past, I used to have relationships where I didn’t have much interest towards the guy, so it wouldn’t really matter to me if we texted or if we didn’t text that much.

And most of my relationships would end by simply stopping to text each other. Like no signs of break up. We would just stop communicating. The other guy moved on with his life and I moved on with my life.

So I feel like if I don’t talk to my boyfriend frequently then he might lose interest or our relationship won’t work. I don’t want that to happen because I really like him so much.

But I also want to work on this because we only talk once a week because he’s super busy and I make it mean all this horrible stuff about me and cry.